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Multi-country and multi-continents experience (Reza Purba)

  • Post published:July 3, 2021

Multi-country and Multi-continents Experience (Reza Purba)

Reza had travelled to many countries on Interpretation assignments and his work has challenged him both as an interpreter to perform professionally in different time zones and business cultures whilst at the same time managing his commitments to his other work in Bahasa Global.

Not long ago, he spent two weeks in the Falkland Islands working for a private company delivering a training programme. He is lucky enough to have been able to visit such a remote beautiful island and see first-hand such a very beautiful place with many cruise lines visiting the islands. He was working on a consecutive interpretation project and was part of the success in delivering the training there.

He has visited Africa twice on different interpretation assignments and experienced a cultural exchange with the people he was working. The assignment entailed working in relay mode, listening to the local interpreters interpreting the local language to English before he could interpret to Indonesian. Reza has very much appreciated the opportunity of working in Africa and with the local people.

His first-time visiting Europe and Latin America was also on Interpreting assignments. Long-hours travelling and working in very different time zones was a challenge to his stamina and interpretation skills. Aside from bringing back photos and souvenirs, it was also valuable experience, especially seeing first-hand how simultaneous interpretation works in developed countries and also the different methods of interpretation used. In many of his assignments he learned tips and tricks from the vendor who were managing the simultaneous interpretation system (SIS) in the event. All of these experiences have sharpened his skills and knowledge to enable him to deliver world class interpretation services working with Bahasa Global especially with adapting our SIS system to meet global needs.