Our People


Reza Purba

Reza Purba graduated Cum Laude from the Post-Graduate Management Program at the University of Indonesia. Reza has worked with many companies sharpening, enhancing and developing his translation and interpretation skills. He has also worked in a renowned international consulting firm. Reza has had experience in interpreting for numerous organisations on a variety of specialised assignments over the past twelve years. Reza’s specializations include nuclear security, energy and electricity, infrastructure and transport, development and social issues. The combination of hands-on experience on international consulting assignments and translation work enables Reza to deliver high quality and specialised service. Reza enjoys travelling and has worked on interpretation assignments in five continents and with people from many backgrounds. He manages our interpretation equipment to ensure the highest quality services are delivered to our clients. Currently, Reza is leading our expansion into remote interpretation and virtual meeting hosting services. Reza and our team are delivering free demos to assist you with your new virtual meeting and remote interpretation demands.

Shirley Oroh

Shirley Oroh is a qualified lawyer who has worked in the legal profession as well as with many other Indonesian and international organisations giving her a great depth of experience with language and intercultural matters. Shirley is currently in the last stage of finishing her Master of Law Degree at the University of Indonesia. Her desire to continually improve her communications skills has taken her back to the books more than once and she has already graduated Cum Laude with a Masters Degree in communications at one of Indonesia’s most reputable institutions where she is now serving as a lecturer in Bachelor and Post- Graduate Programs. Shirley has worked as a conference interpreter for over a decade both within Indonesia and internationally. She also has worked as a communication advisor to a publicly listed foreign company operating in Indonesia and acted as a national legal specialist as well as in government and stakeholder relations. She was also a respected executive within the resources sector. She has spent the last ten years assisting people to resolve complex communication issues, a responsibility far more challenging and mission-critical than basic interpreting. She also worked as the Event Director for a leading-energy media company, further enhancing her skills in event management. Her latest success was establishing Bahasa Global which grew from her passion for continuing to deliver high-quality translation and interpretation services and when the need arises, act as a conduit for effective “Indonesian relations”

Admin Assistant

Tamara Centong Mandey

Tamara has handled Bahasa Global’s project administration since 2020 and she now leads our team of Admin Assistants. She has assisted with the management of more than 300 virtual and hybrid events. Her assistance has been invaluable to us in the delivery of many of our biggest and most challenging successful projects. Tamara graduated Cum Laude in her Bachelor of Science at Diponegoro University and she has strong management skills. Tamara is now leading several admin activities related to our clients events including overseeing document translation and interpretation services and also virtual events. She has a lot of experience helping both our domestic and international clients and managing the administration of and liaison with them. Overseeing our interaction with our vendors and transacting with them is also one of her responsibilities.

Krista Siahaan

Krista is Bahasa Global’s Finance officer. She deals with our invoices including the taxation aspects for our clients and also manages our vendors and partners. She has some project related experience allowing her to more effectively control the billing interaction with our vendors and partners. She is also assisting us with Hosting Rentals with Active Interpretation. Krista graduated with a Bachelor of Economics from Batam University and has work experience in accounting and finance. Krista is responsible for client billing and also taking care of many other financial matters for us. She is also acting as the office manager.

Febriani Putri Milenia

Febri is one of our Admin Assistants. She is responsible for our project administration requirements including helping our clients with quotations and assisting with events. Febri has a Bachelor of Humanities with a Magna Cum Laude degree from the University of Indonesia. She has experience in virtual event management and also worked as a liaison officer during her university time. Febri has well developed language skills and is able to engage with people from many backgrounds.

Jannisa Raska

Jannisa is one of our admin assistants, she graduated with a Science degree from Diponegoro University with Cum Laude grades. Her responsibilities include working with our clients on project related quotations and she also looks after our client and vendor liaison. Her professional experience and communication skills are of great assistance to us in her role as our project administration assistant.

Heine Ruth Chyntia Oroh

Ruth is a financial administrator at Bahasa Global. She completed her Bachelor’s degree majoring in Accounting with Cum Laude predicate at Universitas Advent Indonesia. She has had a passion for accounting for many years which has made her a very organized and independent individual. Her education has ensured that she is the right person to be in charge of creating and updating our daily transaction records. Ruth is also skilled in tax matters and helps record and process invoices from vendors ensuring information regarding withholding tax receipts from vendor invoices are properly submitted.

Nisrina Fauziah

Nisrina is one of our Admin Assistants who is responsible for organizing quotations and assisting clients. She is responsible for communicating directly with our clients, associated third parties and our company’s vendors. She is also part of our team of document translation assistants who proofread some of our work. She has had some experience before she joined Bahasa Global working on document translations with a lawyer. Nisrina graduated with honors from the State University of Jakarta with a degree in English Education Studies.

Rizki Eka Safitri (Rekas)

Rekas is a Document Translator Admin at Bahasa Global. She graduated from university with an English Education Major.  She has well developed skills in translation, proofreading and document editing in many subjects.

Her past experience includes time as a University education staff member and her expertise in document translation which has developed over the past years has enabled her to understand and to work on a broad range of document translation assignments. She is now in charge of the document translation services.

Helmi Yoga Pratama

Helmi is a Project Administrator at Bahasa Global. He graduated from Sebelas Maret University with an International Relations degree. Helmi has well developed skills in both verbal and written English and is a specialist operating Microsoft Office applications. (Excel, Word, PowerPoints).

He is also experienced in event organizing and that background enables him to understand the goals and challenges of the events he works on.

Project Manager

Theo Prima Manurung

Theo has assisted with the organization of over 350 virtual events in the last 2 years and worked with a variety of clients including government bodies, NGO’s, international organizations and multinational companies.  He has even worked with a large number of our growing portfolio of international clientele, including foreign embassies. He graduated Cum Laude in his Bachelor of Business Administration at Atmajaya University Jakarta and is talented in graphic design. Before joining Bahasa Global, Theo  worked in a multinational organization so he is comfortable dealing with a range of international clients and understands their nuances.

He is now leading our Project and Visual Communication Department which delivers professional services for all kinds of virtual and hybrid events. He is an expert in event and vendor management, managing virtual events and is also very proficient in graphic design and video editing. He will meet with our client, gain an understanding of their needs and will make sure all requirements are delivered in accordance with their expectations.

Kenneth Bernas

Kenneth is a Project Manager at Bahasa Global. He graduated from university with a Film and Animation major.  Kenneth has well developed skills in video editing and camera handling.  His portfolio of strengths also includes working with Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, and Illustrator

His past experience making films, short movies and handling national-live streamed-events over the past years have enabled him to understand and to work on a broad range of event conceptualization and event management projects and also on hybrid events.

Henokh Febrian Supusepa

Henokh is a Project Manager at Bahasa Global. He graduated from Universitas Advent Indonesia with a Cum Laude degree in Information Technology. His strengths include multimedia and graphic design and he is very well qualified and experienced in the management of projects for our clients. Henokh’s academic qualifications in information technology and computer science together with his hands on experience ensures that he is well equipped to lead our Virtual Exhibition services. His experience makes him a valuable addition to our multimedia team which manages webinar projects and provides the best services to our clients. He is also experienced and talented in the use of broadcasting software, video editing, photography and composing music.

Dillon Sachio

Dillon is a Project Manager at Bahasa Global. Dillon graduated from Universitas Multimedia Nusantara with a Film and Animation major. Dillon has a lot of experience in video editing, camera handling, and motion graphic. His portfolio of skills also includes working with Adobe Premiere, Illustrator, After Effect and Autodesk Maya.

His past experience making bumpers, short movies and managing teams enables him to understand what can be done to meet or exceed our clients’ requirements from a practical perspective and he has worked with many of our clients on event conceptualization and event management projects and also on hybrid events.

Project Assistant

Rafli Dwi Rachmawan

Rafli is an experienced video editor who’s specialization is in visualization. Graphic design, photography and visual effects are just some of his strenghts. His expertise as a video editor further enhances Bahasa Global’s pool of technical skills which are needed to ensure the success of projects and happy clients.

Ahmad Yakub

Yakub is one of Project Assistants. His specialization is in visualization. Graphic design, photography and visual effects are just some of his specialties. He has many creative and interesting ideas that are ready to be used in his assignments with us. He will be working on creating photo editing effects, on graphic design and in any other activities that can benefit from his unique skills.

Ahdiyat Nugraha

Ayat is one of Bahasa Global’s project assistants. He graduated from university with an Industrial Engineering major. He has well-developed skills in video editing and visualization and his portfolio of strengths also includes working with Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
Ayat also has several years design and video editing experience and has developed a valuable understanding of design concepts in general.

Daniel Nathan

Daniel is one of our project assistants at Bahasa Global. He supports design projects and also has specialist skills as a graphic designer and also V-Mix operation. His previous experience as a freelance consultant has given him a unique perspective. He can also assist with motion graphics, video editing and visual effect.

Hybrid Team


Jaelani has worked in Bahasa Global since its establishment and is our expert on working with audio equipment. He is responsible for managing and setting up hybrid meeting settings and working with our audio video systems. He is also very experienced at managing social media live-streams.

Deo Ardeva

Deo Ardeva leads our camera operations team and is also an video editor. He’s a graduate from Binus University with a mass communication degree and is therefore well qualified to work with our clients on projects require excellent visual effects. He has handled many events including setting up hybrid events for several Embassies in Jakarta, the PSSI National Congress, international organizations, and ministries. He is our expert in photography, videography, video editing and graphic design.

Adhi Kusuma Putra

Adhi is part of our hybrid team and is a skilled camera person and audio systems technician. He graduated from university with a major in broadcast journalism and is very experienced in the use of audio video systems in the TV broadcasting industry. His skills and abilities in the field of videography and audio mixer operations makes him a valuable additional to our hybrid team and in many of our events and projects.

Denny Adi Prasetio

Denny is part of the Hybrid Team at Bahasa Global. He graduated from the Multimedia Training Center in Yogyakarta with a major in Broadcasting. Denny is very experienced and skilled at installing audio and video equipment. His past experience includes 3 years as an audio person in the television industry and this is very useful for his assignments in our many hybrid settings. He is also have 2 years’ experience as a photographer in a variety of events.

Visual Communications, Marketing and IT

Nur Hayati

Nur Hayati graduated Cum Laude from her Broadcasting major in Communication science. She has been the social media manager and visual communication expert for Bahasa Global for the last year. Her background and experience make her the best person to handle the social media aspect of the events Bahasa Global organizes. Nur is dealing specifically with branding, social media and promotion.

Kartini Sianturi

As our marketing executive and media coordinator, Kartini’s main skills are in mass communication. Her activities include inviting the participation of mass media that best suit our client’s requirement, coordinating their reporting requests with our client’s requirements, monitoring their activities and ultimately ensuring that our client’s events are broadcasted properly.

Nurman Amarulloh

Nurman is our IT Support specialist at Bahasa Global. He has commercial experience working as an IT Manager and is able to develop and manage hardware, software and networks.

He participated in a national robotics competition in 2019 and has also in several digital industry innovation exhibitions and has several professional certifications including BNSP, KRI Ministry of Research and Technology. He also has several other certifications in Networking, Robotics and the Digital Industry Section. His background and experience makes him well qualified to handle the IT aspects of Bahasa Global in general and for our virtual events.