Professional Document Translation Services
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Professional Document Translation Services

Bahasa Global has been providing translation services for over a decade. Providing a high quality and professional translation service has always been our goal. Our pool of skilled and professional translators will ensure that you receive your translation on time and most importantly, it will be accurate. With over a decade of experience in professional translation we have robust internal quality control systems in place to ensure not just translation quality but also quality formatting standards. We can provide services including simple translations, content localization, and help with legal documents. In line with recent developments, we are now also supporting our clients with their digital platform requirements. Our translation work can also include covers, bulk project work and any work requiring graphic design.

Our people have professional expertise in a variety of industries and international organizations including legal, economic, health, infrastructure, government, etc. Some examples of our recent services include:

  1. Certified Translation
  2. Legal and Sworn Translation
  3. Corporate Translations
  4. Project Support    
  5. Feasibility Studies
  6. Financial Statements
  7. Marketing and Website Material Translation
  8. Training or Meeting Material
  9. Translation Subtitling
  10. Transcription Translation
  11. Document Formatting and Design

Our translation services comes with reasonable pricing per result word with a focus on the outcome and reliable deadlines to suit your requirements. To ensure satisfaction, we allow our clients to review and provide feedback on our work before proceeding to invoicing. We will also allow some revisions to the source document to be applied to the translated document when necessary.

Benefit from our highly experience team translators and admin team to experience worry free translation work!