Media Relations Consultant
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Media Relations Consultant

Make sure your event is well publicized by partnering with our team of Media Dissemination Consultancy services professionals. Bahasa Global has almost 100 local and national media contacts who we can invite to disseminate information about your events. Press conferences, TV talk shows, and doorstop interviews are just some of the media interactions we can help organize.

We will assign a dedicated team member who will directly contact and invite the press and journalists, monitor their activities and also distribute information including press releases or updates. If needed, we can also provide mass media advisory services to handle media engagement planning, prepare a list of suitable media to be engaged, and draft press releases and their translations if needed in close coordination with our clients.

We can also support the refinement of press releases, provide bilingual translations of them, and monitor the media for up to 7 days after the event. Results of media monitoring would be presented in both softcopy and hardcopy versions for the printed media.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our media Dissemination Consultancy!