Professional Note Taker Services

Professional Note Taker Services

Accurate, timely and reliable minutes of meetings are a crucial component of developing action plans and consensus. Effective meeting minutes need to be clear, to the point and at the same time must not leave out important information. Bahasa is now expanding its portfolio of services for our clients to include note taking services. One way we will ensure that we deliver accurate, timely and easy to understand minutes is by matching the topic of the event with the experience and qualifications of the note taker. This service is now included with your virtual meeting service allowing verbatim notes to be available quickly after the event.

We provide a verbatim note taking service which is a word for word note taking service allowing you keep a full record of the meeting. Also, we can provide a summary note taking service to recap the major and important points discussed during your event. Typically, summary notes will be available on the same day as your event.

Hybrid Setting Events

Another development in the way we communicate has been the evolution of hybrid meetings. Technology has given us the ability to be far more flexible in the way we work and meet and interact generally. A hybrid meeting is a meeting where some participants are gathered together in person while others are in remote locations. For example, a hybrid meeting we managed recently had participants in hotels in Jakarta, Jogjakarta and Surabaya. The future of the work place and meetings will be partially remote and we must prepare for the challenges that will inevitably be presented to our businesses. Among those challenges could be the frustration caused by poorly managed hybrid meetings.

Bahasa Global will work with you to ensure your meetings are a success. All of the issues we take for granted in normal meetings can be an issue for hybrid meetings. The management of them requires an experienced and well-equipped event assistant. We have cameras and other supplementary technologies to ensure everyone can see as well as hear the meetings. Brainstorming or white board sessions, people talking over others, notes being handed out are all simple issues that can challenge attendees in hybrid meetings. And of course, the issue of language is often present including the need for sign language interpreters and fast typists. Bahasa Global has the skills, experience and our own equipment to make sure your hybrid meeting runs well.




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Virtual Exhibition

In this rapidly evolving virtual era, the restrictions on our physical interactions are no longer a major barrier to us performing our work and running a successful exhibition. Bahasa Global has developed a range of solutions to allow you to bring your exhibition of videos, photos or booths and showcase them in the new reality virtually.   


We have many examples in our portfolio of successful web-based virtual exhibitions where we combined a user-friendly platform with a customized domain name allowing thousands of visitors to see our clients’ offerings. We have often also combined their exhibitions with webinars and class rooms in the exhibition platform. We have the capability to deliver a 3D virtual exhibition to increase engagement and make your exhibition even more interesting.

We are happy to discuss with you the details of your virtual exhibitions to show how we can cater for your individual exhibition needs using creative and individual designs to meet any special requirements.

Contact us now to find out more about our portfolios and how we can help you.