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Out-Door and/or Site-Visit Setting

  • Post published:July 3, 2021

Out-Door and / or Site-Visit Setting

Our team may be adventurous and love to travel but site-visit assignments require a lot more than just a love for traveling. About 10 per cent of our assignments require out-door or site-visits. But don’t assume that all of our out-of-town assignments are performed in an indoor setting. There are challenges in both, but the out-door and site-visit assignments are often the trickiest of all assignments. Bahasa Global has portable equipment which is very reliable when communicating up to a couple of hundred meters between the transmitter (held by the interpreter) and the receiver. In many of our assignments the portable systems work Flawlessly but the terrain in some assignments is very challenging and when possible, we try to stay close to the main group. On one assignment, we had to grapple with the dual challenge of the conference speaker talking quietly without a microphone in a muddy construction area, and on another walking rapidly with a spokesman who wanted to showcase equipment whilst using many technical terms.

One thing that many of our interpreters agree about with site-visits is that it’s always interesting work and time usually goes by very quickly, it’s rarely boring. Site-visits also sometimes allow us to visit Facilities we wouldn’t normally get to see.We have been to a beautiful sea front-wall
and at the opposite end of the spectrum, a nuclear reactor pool where we had to go through multiple security verifications and barriers. In a site-visit setting the interpreters stamina is also often tested and whilst keeping up with the event speakers we sometime have to match their walking pace which can be a challenge in Indonesia’s tropical weather in the heat of the day. One of the reasons we ask for terms of reference before an event is to make sure we can assign the
right interpreter for the subject and also for the setting in which they will be required to work.