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What is RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation)?

  • Post published:July 3, 2021

Whats is RSI?

Hi everyone, RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation) is one of the services provided by Bahasa Global. In this virtual era, RSI is often essential and is used to provide you with a better understanding about the topic being discussed in another language, especially the global language ‘English’, in a meeting or a forum. So, What is RSI and what kinds of RSI do Bahasa Global provide?

Several types of multinational meetings and conferences often require simultaneous interpretation. The interpreter is to interpret what the speaker says at the same time as the speaker is giving the speech. The interpreter converts the speech in the source language into the required target language, verbally at the same time. In light of social distancing in 2020, the interpreters are working remotely at their residences. In Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI), the interpreter works remotely by using a supporting platform or application. There are some of the types of interpretation widely used around the world :

  1. Simultaneous Interpreting
  2. Consecutive Interpreting
  3. Whispering Interpreting
  4. Community Interpreting
  5. Business Meeting Interpreting
  6. Conference Interpreting
  7. Remote Simultaneous Interpreting
  8. Training Interpreting
  9. Voice over Interpreting

Bahasa Global has been providing all of these methodologies to hundreds of our international and Indonesian clients. Our professional staff have been trained to work with both international organizations and Indonesian clients to deliver high quality interpreting services. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our services.